The Importance of Being Earnest

This experimental take on Oscar Wilde's classic period comedy centers around a society on the verge of social evolution: a new century where counterculture youth push the boundaries for civil rights. The director wished to combine the elements of the 60s with Get Out-esque lighting and sound for a farcical take on Wilde's work.


To merge the two periods I was inspired by Aubrey Beardsley's curvilinear art nouveau designs, which had a resurgence/influence in the 60s. These along with colors (a la Bonnie MacLean, John Stephens, etc) created the world for the fabrics on 1890s silhouettes. 


The City: luxury, opulence, jewel tones

The Country: natural, florals, pastels

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Director: Shishir Kurup

Hair Styling and Consulting: Laura Caponera

Scenic Design: Leah Ramillano

Lighting Design: Merle Dewitt

Sound Design: Hunter Moody

Sound Composition: Ningru Guo

Photo Credit: @jelopez.stage