The Coraline Experience

This project was an interdisciplinary capstone at the University of California Irvine. The entire design department was required to form a company with a distinct hierarchy and produce a themed entertainment experience based off of Neil Gaiman's 2002 book and all subsequent IP related to Coraline

On this project I served as Narrative Director and part of team costumes. I adapted existing narratives in order to create a new adventure for guests. It brought the story 20 years in the future, where Coraline left off. I created and fully designed two new characters (BC and Thorn), and also headed all narratives within the park. Finally, I photoshopped a couple interior spaces, created dialogue and interfaced with sound for several voice overs. All these materials were compiled into our Blue Sky pitch we presented to industry professionals. 

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Voice Over: Beldam's Challenge Opening
This VO begins in the Other World drawing room where sweet button-eyed Other Mother transforms into something monstrous. At the end of the VO, Other Mother has stretched to a height of 12 ft and revealed a door through the fireplace. Guests are invited down into the Decaying World, if they're brave enough. 
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Script: Lauryn Terceira

Sound Design and Editing: Jack Bueermann

Other Mother Voice: Lauryn Terceira