Digital Examples


Brooklyn99ManUPdate (1).jpg

Examples of a digital fitting: photographs augmented to create looks to be sent to directors when an actor is unavailable to try on clothes.

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Procreate & Photoshop


Concept for School for Scandal: words and rumors spoken by and about characters are utilized in tabloid-style decorations.

Created for The Importance of Being Earnest:

A production that blended the 1890s with the 1960s. Cecily, in her hybrid cycling/hunting suit was the New Woman in contrast to Gwendolen's Ideal Lady. The bold floral design mixed with the softer, warmer colors introduced our audience to the Country look.

Concept for Wakanda Land: Theme Park Operations

A sample from a collection of operational costumes for a hypothetical Wakanda Land theme park built in sunny Florida. Below are employee apparel designs for both food service and merchandising. 

Wakanda Land Costume

Marvelous Designer

Exploratory project with program: two-piece garment in both flat pattern view and 3D model view.

Marvelous Designer
Marvelous Deigner garment 3/4 View

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