Clown Aliens

The Narrator

Written and Directed by Eli Simon

Lighting Design: Morgan Embry

Sound Design: Andrea Allmond

Composition: Vincent Olivieri

PC: Paul Kennedy

Enter our narrator: a dingy, shuffling vagrant who climbs on stage and picks up a guitar to sing our funky tale of Clown Aliens.


This story follows a family of alien clowns who fly to Earth after their home planet is destroyed by civil war. Their only wish is to assimilate and be somebody. We follow Baby Clown as she searches for belonging and reminisces over the times before Mother left them. A musical and interactive experimental work performed with 22 In and Out clowns (see description below) and a live band. Each clown was carefully crafted with the actor according to director Eli Simon's Art of Clowning.

Meet the Family

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Out Clowns 

Ragged, distressed: good intentions but untalented

In Clowns

Skilled, sleek, funky: metallics and stretch materials

Anticipating an Adventure

Ping Pong Problem